What In The World Could You Blog About?

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What In The World Could You Blog About?

Here is how to start your blog.

Blogging is becoming more and more popular, both for fun and profit. If you’ve yet to get your feet wet in this field, but are itching to do so, consider the following tips regarding the different subjects you could cover. If you want to know what in the world you could blog about read about it here on Centrast.com. Your first blog could be the start of something very big or just a great way for you to express yourself, so read on!

1. Your professional expertise. If you’ve got years of experience in any business, fixing cars, managing people or whatever, you’ve got a lot to talk about and teach. Reach out to those who are just starting out in your field or facing challenges in it, and offer great advice about how they can solve their problems. Think of it as an “If I only knew then what I know now” type of blog.

2. Your educational endeavors. Whether you are in high school or college, so are many other people, and you’ve all got commonalities. Blog about the worst ways a teacher can approach the learning process or the best professor you have ever encountered. Blog about helpful ways other students can organize their time or save money on books. Put up a poll to see which reader has gone the longest without sleep during exam-week and still managed at least an ‘A’ average!

3. Your parental wisdom. Parenting is a challenging role and if you have any experience in it, you certainly have things to write about! How easy or difficult was the potty-training method you used? What incentive did you offer your teenagers to get the best possible grades? You could also take the opposite approach and ask other parents to help solve your current family crisis; people are always quick to hand out advice and tell you their success stories. Get the ball rolling!

4. Your passion. Do you know more about bird-watching than anyone you’ve ever met? Is your collection of antique train cars or Beatles memorabilia bursting out of the closet? Maybe the sight of a Vincent Van Gogh painting or the sound of a Mozart serenade sends you into the stratosphere. Connect with others who share your passion by blogging about it!

5. Your problems. Readers are only human, and revealing your vulnerabilities can draw them to you because you describe their feelings as you write about your own. A dysfunctional childhood, physical disability, hardships with the economy–virtually any topic that has caused you problems and pain most probably has also left its impact on a segment of the population, and your blog can create a kinship of fellow sufferers.

6. Your love life. “Yikes!”, you say? Think again. If you choose a pen-name and remain anonymous, you could post advice about getting steamy, overcoming heart-ache or finding the love of your life. These are all things millions of readers can relate to! Encourage your audience to reveal their biggest dating disappointment, best pick-up line, most romantic encounter and so on.

7. Your beliefs. Religion, philosophy and other foundations of existence draw readers, comments and controversy. Carefully choose a position and be prepared for varied responses. Blogging about your place in the universe, how many universes you think there really are and who or what created them can make for very interesting and popular writing.

Who knows where your blog could take you. Half the fun is not knowing what the response to it will be. Enjoy being creative and interacting with people; be true and be passionate, and chances are good that your blogging experiment will end up as something very positive.

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